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Google gives responsive design the thumbs up!

Posted by Greg Oddy on 16 March 2015
It's been said often that "buzzword" is the latest buzzword, however when it comes to responsive website design, the boffins are buzzing.
Responsive websites are the latest standard in professional web design and search engine optimisation.
It's worth pointing out from the get-go that it's not mobile optimized design. Rather, as its name suggests, a responsive website responds to the device being utilised to search the internet, whether it's a desktop, mobile device or tablet. All of the content, images, videos, and website structure are the same they simply adjust to the screen size of the device.
Moreover Google, which enjoys over two thirds of the online search market, is pretty adamant where its preferences lie and its responsive websites! There are a number of reasons for Google's position including the fact that a responsive website has a single URL and HTML for all devices. This is a significant tick with Google.
The user interface is another feature that gets the Google tick of approval, because it means lower website bounce rates because users won't get discouraged and look elsewhere for an accountant, lawyer or real estate agent. It's a no-brainer, as those website visitors who can easily access the information on a website will enjoy a great user experience and tend to stay.
A responsive website also makes link sharing easy as pie. If a user shares a link to a website from their desktop, a colleague or friend with a smart phone who clicks on the link will see a website adapted to fit their teenier screen. Anticipating the needs of your website visitors always creates a better user experience and in the long run gives you a better chance of doing some business.
Greg Oddy
Digital Marketing Consultant (check out my website for more on responsive design)


Author: Greg Oddy
About: Website and Email Marketing consultant focused on providing integrated web and email solutions to medium size service industry business. Mainly working with Real Estate Industry as a niche with and any other business that focus on providing a service and not selling a product with
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