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AdWords adds up to more business

Posted by Greg Oddy on 4 May 2015

AdWords is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers right when they're searching for a product or solution. 

Therefore, if you're a service-based business such as an accountant, lawyer or real estate agent where the first customer interaction will be via a mobile phone, AdWords can represent an excellent adjunct to your SEO strategies.

This is because organic rankings delivered by SEO can be volatile. One day your business is at the top of the search tree, then the next day you're nowhere to be found. With Google's relentless algorithm revisions, organic rankings can be an erratic way of maximising your firm's online presence.
In contrast, AdWords can deliver fairly reliable search engine results. To be fair, paid search campaigns such as AdWords require a fair amount of work to achieve a consistently high Ad Rank, which doesn't break the bank. That said, with paid campaigns, you have far more control over the ranking of your ads than you do with the organic search rankings delivered by SEO strategies.
Moreover having a successful and high ranking AdWords campaign coupled with a healthy front page search ranking can deliver excellent visibility for your brand.
A natural by-product of amplified search visibility is extra clicks to your website. Even though clicks are not a measurement of success, they are a precondition for generating more sales and revenue.
Author: Greg Oddy
About: My name is Greg Oddy and I love helping Business Owners attract customers with targeted Internet Marketing Strategies. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with extensive skills in Sales, Marketing, Management and Real Estate. So I ask the question, where do leads come from? Well the vast majority these days come from the internet. There can be many strategies adopted in trying to attract leads using internet marketing. Many business owners have enough to do with running their business let alone trying to keep up with new technologies and internet marketing strategies. Should your business buy Google ad-words, adopt an SEO strategy, use social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, or is email marketing the best solution for your business. The answer could be all of the above or none of the above, it depends on your business and what your are trying to achieve. My role is to help you find the right solution or mix of solutions and guide your business though the internet maize to find your next customers in the most cost effective way.
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